Although it might be a little late, at this point, if we want to make
sure it's well-enough tested, I think we should try to include the
following in 8.9 final:

As discussed when the first version of this code was added, it's
actually reasonably robust and might happen to fix other docbuild
hanging issues that have been reported (or at least the one we do know
the cause of; I don't know if there are other causes).  Everyone who's
tested this has built the docs successfully with it, and the code
itself is generally well-reviewed.

OTOH I can't promise there are *no* bugs--just not any I have found yet.

On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 1:22 AM Volker Braun <> wrote:
> As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git branch. 
> Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 
> bdf4b23d74 (trac/develop, tag: 8.9.beta9) Updated SageMath version to 
> 8.9.beta9
> c631202c12 Trac #28411: refresh the prompt in the installation guide
> 45482b13f0 Trac #28387: Implement function that returns the balanced digit 
> representation of an integer
> 4454ffec0d Trac #28384: py2: UnicodeDecodeError in doctest framework 
> exception handling
> 0c8192c3de Trac #28366: Lattice precision timing test fails on Windows 7 due 
> to low-ish clock resolution
> 5e1b351a89 Trac #28274: EnumeratedFamily should use integers as keys
> ec9715bb88 Trac #28172: Profile of a Finite Permutation Group
> dcf58df8b5 Trac #28154: SciPy: patch for missing coding lines in some source 
> files
> 82d75fd335 Trac #27917: Standardize doctest headers
> 04d5aab185 Trac #25817: RuntimeError: Encountered operator mismatch in 
> maxima-to-sr translation, integrate
> 45314bcbcf Trac #23639: Strange errors with roots() of polynomials over 
> polynomial rings
> f29cee985f Trac #28419: new pyflakes miscellanous cleanup
> 77bddf472a Trac #28417: removed deprecated stuff in integer_mod
> c565a3aa0a Trac #28412: upgrade Pynac to 0.7.26
> 2e47b34ab8 Trac #28408: fixing a few invalid escape sequences
> 877d26294b Trac #28407: py3: fix quantum_group_gap and graph_latex
> 3db8be3dc0 Trac #28399: remove deprecated things in integer.pyx
> 6a837c5ea6 Trac #27818: Meet-subsemilattice for lattices
> 2920f66a0e Trac #27798: Add `backend` option to associahedron and flow 
> polytope
> 98f3199887 Trac #27587: Follow up to #25680: Fix tempfile handling in doctests
> 0719be21c2 Trac #27473: Matrix inversion fails over a Laurent series ring
> 842a3dcd41 Trac #27444: Expose multithreaded fflas-ffpack features
> cee95e6b38 Trac #28404: Sign of hypergeometric motives is sometimes wrong
> af8bf5ead8 Trac #28400: fixing a few roles
> 1cdf4955c6 Trac #28398: _richcmp_ for quaternion algebra elements
> abb2397287 Trac #28397: fix some wrong doctests that were not run
> 2465a9e494 Trac #28396: faster Möbius matrix for Hasse diagrams
> 4b4b5bf81b Trac #28395: Bug in is_weil_polynomial
> 77466c5716 Trac #28393: add self-tests for polymake
> a7f0a353e5 Trac #28391: dependencies file for jupymake
> e7a3ec0d98 Trac #28377: polymake interface broken with "non-standard" 
> quadratic fields
> a535670711 Trac #28339: Random failure in src/sage/interfaces/
> f34f77e4da Trac #28271: Implement LexM traversal
> 304feb1626 Trac #28229: Generalized shifted prime tableau
> e570374675 Trac #27689: Implement is_pyramid, is_bipyramid, is_prism for 
> polytopes
> addde7bcc7 Trac #28380: bump up the version of givaro in spkg-configure.m4
> 8f1c30f031 Trac #28403: py3: crypto/block_cipher/ doctest failures
> 0ae7ffa669 Trac #25727: Prevent giac from giving localized output
> 109c1bd6c1 Trac #28060: Extensions of finite fields embeddings: we have 
> inverse image but `inverse_image` throws `NotImplemented`
> 0c5c45c0cf Trac #27937: Fix for functorial construction of monoid algebras
> fee35bf412 Trac #27851: Convert sqrt(D) to UCF
> 3b7ef2c62c Trac #27831: Small fix for is_symmetric for matrices over CDF
> 8f76f4d242 Trac #27760: Generalized Permutohedra and type H4 4-uniform 
> polytopes
> 67de66d92d Trac #27096: Bug in Buchberger algorithm over Tate algebra
> 6b8839d39f Trac #25823: maxima segfaults on integral computation
> 4583b4056e (tag: 8.9.beta8, trac/develop) Updated SageMath version to 
> 8.9.beta8
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