On Sun, 18 Sep 2016, jack wrote:


P=plot(log((1+x)/(1-x)), (x, -1,1))
gives a lengthy error message which ends with
ImportError: cannot import name scimath

I installed sage at /home/jack/Tools

One clue might be the initial message I get on initiating sage in a
terminal. It reads:

sys:1: RuntimeWarning: not adding directory '' to sys.path since everybody
can write to it.

I have no real clue, but I would start with

strace -e file ./sage 2> log-f

then write


or something similar and then quit Sage. After that

fgrep tmp_ log-f


open(".../.sage/temp/j-op7010/12072/tmp_n3Sn3X.png", ...) = 11

etc. and

fgrep EACCESS log-f

finds nothing.

Jori Mäntysalo

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