hi, I am trying to install module sage.all but i could not !!
can you please assist me 

On Friday, December 16, 2011 at 11:22:25 PM UTC-3, Nicolas Essis-Breton 
> I'm just beginning to use this setup. Maybe, there are are some hidden
> limitations.
> I assume you have a working installation of eclipse, PyDev and Sage.
> Do this in eclipse:
> 1- set PyDev python interpreter to Sage
>         windows: preferences: PyDev: Interpreter Python: new: 
> /sage/local/bin/
> python2.6
>         accept all the dependencies
> 2- add support for '.sage' file
>         windows: preferences: general: content type: python file: add
> '.sage'
>         windows: preferences: general: file association: add '.sage' with
> 'Python editor'
>         windows: preferences: pydev: code style: file types: add 'sage' in
> valid source file,
>              and set 'sage' as default python extension
> 3- configure interactive console with appropriate startup command
>         windows: preferences: pydev: interactive console: initial 
> interpreter
> commands :
>             import sys; from sage.all import *;
> preparser(on=True);execfile=load;
>         (we activate the preparser and overwrite PyDev 'execFile' with
> Sage 'load')
> To run Sage in Eclipse, I do in a terminal:
> $sage -sh
> $eclipse
> How I use it:
> -In top of each sage script, I need to write
>         import sys
>         from sage.all import *
> -I run a script by passing it directly to the interactive console.
> When a script as the focus in the text editor, the shortcut is 'Ctrl
> +Alt+Enter'.
> -I didn't yet find a way to properly configure the debugger and 'Run
> As' for .sage files. But, I think every functionality of sage is
> there.
> -I use Sage 4.7.2, Eclipse indigo, PyDev 2.3

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