Caches from @cached_method are pickled by default, but the class can 
opt-out of this. Sometimes this is necessary to make pickling work (not 
every Cython object is pickle-able).


On Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 10:29:16 AM UTC+2, Daniel Krenn wrote:
> I have an ideal and computed its Groebner basis (6 hours). Now I want to 
> store this result, which is not the problem itself, but when loading 
> this data, it seems not possible to reconstruct the ideal (meaning 
> create it with the original generators and "bootstrap" the groebner 
> basis found earlier). 
> As the Groebner basis is cached somewhere via cached_method: Is there an 
> option, so that the data stored by cached_method is saved as well when 
> saving e.g. the whole ideal? 
> Any ideas how to do this (nicely)? 
> [I ask for "nicely", as, of course, I can create the ideal of the 
> original generators, and then access the cache of groebner_basis 
> manually and push the stored data somehow into it. 

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