You might try the following: make a copy of the directory named ~/.sage/
(it's located in your home directory, and it's where your sagenb  notebooks 
are stored), and remove it.
Then restart Sage (~/.sage/ will be recreated). Import your notebook(s) 
from the location you copied them.

Note that sagenb is deprecated, convert your notebooks to Jupyter ones.
(hmm, you might need a never Sage for this)

Given that Sage 7.2 is about 2 years old, and that we have access to an OSX 
10.10 Mac either, chances that
we could reproduce your problem are about zero. We don't offer pre-built 
Sage for this old OSX any more, either.
That is, to have a better setup, either build Sage yourself (might be not 
too easy, as, again, we don't test on OSX 10.10
any more, and newer releases might be broken on it), or update your OSX 
(from my experience, OSX 10.13 works reasonably well on an early 2010 
Macbook Air, that is, unless your hardware is even older, why not 
upgrading?) and then upgrade Sage.


On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 9:21:49 PM UTC, Al wrote:
> I have also asked this on Ask sage- no answers yet.
> I have sagemath notebook installed on my Mac laptop,
> and it has been working fine until recently, maybe because I tried to run 
> some 3d graphics program I found on the Sagemath manual. Then it froze up.
> (Since my notebook isn't working, I am using the Cloud, but I'd like to 
> get the notebook running again.)
> I can see all my files, but I cannot run any programs. There is no 
> "evaluate" button. The box for a new program doesn't turn blue around the 
> edge. If I open up a worksheet, and go back to the list of files, it says 
> (running), though nothing is working. Also, the "Help" and "Report a 
> Problem" and "log" buttons don't work. "Home" and "Sign Out" do.
> The "Discard and Quit" and Delete" buttons also don't work. If I open a 
> file, it is marked (running) but Stpo doesn't stop it. To stop it, I can 
> logout, then I start sage from terminal, kill the old PID, type notebook() 
> and I see all the files, none are running.
> Thus, I can sign out, log back in and it's still stuck. Restarting the Mac 
> also doesn't help. Do I have to create a new notebook? Reinstall everything?
> Help please !!!
> thanks very much
> More details:
>  I have SAGE 7.2 installed on my mac with OSX 10.10.5. It opens in the 
> Firefox browser. To install it I downloaded the Mac OSX binaries fior which 
> it says Download Mac OS X binaries "These binaries are only for OS X 10.4 - 
> 10.10. " from this page:
> I am using the Sage notebook. There is no error message- it just doesn't 
> work anymore, as described above. 

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