On Friday, February 23, 2018 at 6:54:42 AM UTC, 
hans....@agrar.uni-giessen.de wrote:
> Hello Dima,
> now I have execute 'make' (sage81) on a non nfs-mount (server 1)  and I 
> got NO error and sage runs on THIS,
> but I cannot move sage in the global nfs software directory about to use 
> sage on server 2
> that's correct, you cannot move sage once it is built the usual way.
(it's because various paths are hardcoded)

You can build a binary distribution of sage using 

and install it on your NFS drive.

(the installer then rewrites the hardcoded paths with the location Sage is 
to be installed

This however seems to be an overkill, as well as using a tool designed for 
a different task...

I don't know much about NFS, but can't you create a link on an NFS volume 
pointing at an executable on a local disk,
and use this link on another machine accessing the NSF volume?

Failing this, you can make a part of your local disk available via NFS to 
another machine, for sure


> [xadmin@server2 ~]$ sage
> ERROR:  The Sage installation tree has moved
> from /storage/local/data01/home1/xadmin/sage-8.1
>   to /SW/sw-cos7-64/sage/sage-8.1
> PS: binary package not works on our servers

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