I would suggest defining a new command in the LaTeX preamble.
Here is a starting point, adapt to your taste:

\newcommand{\sagenote}[1]{$\text{\texttt{#1}} = \sage{#1}$}

Example for testing:



\newcommand{\sagenote}[1]{$\text{\texttt{#1}} = \sage{#1}$}


a = 140
b = 10
res = a*b

It is easily seen that our constant is \sagenote{res}.


Of course, instead of A = B, you could stack A on top of B,
or insert an arrow, a brace, etc.

See eg Herbert Voss's "Mathmode", section 66 "Node connections".
Or in the same document: underbrace, overbrace, underbracket,
overbracket, stackrel, colorbox, empheq...
Or use TikZ to create arrows etc.

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