I'm a relatively new Sage user, trying Jupyter for the first time.  OS is 
Ubuntu 14.04; Sage version is 8.1.  Starting Jupyter from the command line 
(sage -n jupyter) works as expected, but so far as I can tell the only way 
to shut down the notebook server after closing the browser is via ctrl-c. 
 What if sage is not started from a terminal?  Or if stdout is redirected 
to a file?  For example, if I redirect stdout when starting sage, then send 
ctrl-c after closing the browser, the sage-notebook process continues to 
run -- presumably because I have no way to send a second ctrl-c.

I found this 10-year-old post asking essentially the same question:
but parts of it are clearly out of date.  However, the suggestion to use 
"kill -2" sounds promising, but on which process?  I only see two, one 
running sage-notebook, the other running sage-cleaner.  Or is there some 
other way?  "killall python" works, but presumably isn't a clean shutdown 
-- and I certainly wouldn't want to script such a sledgehammer.

It would be really nice if there were a provided script for shutting down 
the notebook server cleanly!

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