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Lauding a noble deed: Dr. Ashokan and Dr. Pushpanjali being honoured by 
Governor Surjit Singh Barnala at a function organised by RI District 3230 in 
Chennai on Tuesday.

 CHENNAI: A chain of events set in motion by a young boy's unfortunate accident 
and subsequent brain  death came a full circle on Tuesday with the parents of 
the  boy pledging to campaign for organ donation and cautioning  parents 
against letting minors drive vehicles.
 Hithendran's parents Ashokan and Pushpanjali minced no words as they spoke of 
how their son might still  be alive had he only worn a helmet while riding a 
bike. The  boy sustained head injuries and doctors declared him brain  dead. 
Hithendran's parents donated his organs,
 which were later used to give a new lease of life to at  least eight other 
persons. Speaking at a function to  felicitate them, the duo spoke of their 
intention to do so  by tying up with organisations that promote organ donation. 

 Dr. Ashokan said: "We were flooded with calls  immediately after Hithendran's 
death, from people wanting to know how they could pledge their organs. It was 
not a difficult decision for us to make once we realised he  was brain dead."

The couple now want to help others make similar decisions  in unfortunate 
situations. "For my son it was  hopeless, he was dying. But, he was fortunate 
to find eight recipients immediately for all the organs they could take from 
him. We're thankful to all the recipients and  the doctors for making this 
happen," he said. 

Dr. Pushpanjali said, "My son has done his duty towards society. Let us follow 
him." Governor
 Surjit Singh Barnala said research revealed that at any given time there were 
about 8-10 brain dead patients in different intensive care units in any major 
city in the country. There was a huge possibility of organ donation from brain 
dead donors and there was a need to form a network with hospitals.

He urged Rotary Club to take it as their mission to create awareness of organ 
donation. A total of 52 Rotary Clubs in R.I.District 3230 came together to 
felicitate the couple,
K.M.Cherian  of Frontier Lifeline Hospital, who performed the  heart 
transplantation with his team, and Sunil Kumar,  Additional Commissioner of 
Police (traffic), who made it
 possible for the heart to be transported from the hospital in Teynampet to 
Mogappair in a record time of 11 minutes.

 A. Subramaniam, Rotary district 3230 Governor, felicitated  the couple, Dr. 
Cherian and Mr. Sunil Kumar.

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