Below is the Radio Sai link for a Wonderful conversation with Dr. Vasuki, 
Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, SSSIHMS, Prasanthi Nilayam..

When Baba unfurled the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, 
Puttaparthi in November 22, 1991. It started with the Department of Cardiology 
and Cardiac Surgery, and slowly many other disciplines were added. The 
Department of Urology began in 1992, Ophthalmology in 1994, Plastic Surgery in 
1997 and Orthopaedics in 2006.

Till date the Department of Orthopaedics has done close to 9000 surgeries and 
170,000 out patient consultations. Dr. V. R. Vasuki, after over a decade of 
experience in Orthopaedic Surgery joined Baba's Super Specialty Hospital in 
Puttaparthi in the year of the inception of this department in 2006. Today he 
is the Head of this Department leading a team of 18 doctors and says, “One 
probably gets such an opportunity only once in a lifetime – to serve the Lord.”

In this brief conversation with Radio Sai's Bishu Prusty recorded on the eve of 
SSSIHMS-PG's 21st anniversary, Dr. Vasuki recollects the initial days of the 
setting up of this department and the journey it has traversed so far, and also 
what is that which adds so much vibrancy to this relatively new section of the 
Hospital. This was recorded inside the orthopaedic operation theatre on 
November 21, 2012.

Sai Ram


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