Tickets are now available <> for 
the eleventh year of “Lost Landscapes of San Francisco,“ the annual archival 
film program that celebrates San Francisco’s past.  This year for two nights 
there are new scenes of San Franciscans working, playing, marching, and 
partying during the Great Depression; unseen footage of Seals Stadium and the 
Cow Palace in the late 1930s; the reconstruction of Market Street and 
Embarcadero Plaza in the 1970s; rare footage of southeastern San Francisco and 
the Hunters Point drydock; the 1975 Gay Freedom Day parade; a 1940s-era ode to 
our fog; many more newly discovered gems; and greatest hits from past programs.

As always, the audience makes the soundtrack at the glorious Castro Theatre.  
Come prepared to shout out places, people and events; to ask questions; and to 
engage in spirited repartee with fellow audience members.  

"Lost Landscapes of San Francisco 11," Rick Prelinger, The Castro Theater, San 
Francisco, 6:30pm, Tuesday & Wednesday December 6 & 7.  The show starts 
promptly at 7:30pm.

To be sure of a seat:
• Long Now Members <> can use the discount code 
on the Prelinger Seminar page to reserve 2 free seats 
• You can purchase GA tickets for $20 each and Patron Tickets for $50 
• The venue is The Castro Theater 
<>, 429 Castro Street, San 
Francisco, CA 94114
• No live stream for this event.
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Now show on 12/6 & 12/7 <>
A portion of ticket proceeds will go to support the Prelinger Library 
<>, an independent research library 
of historical ephemera.

Talks coming up:
Jan. 4 (Wed.) - Steven Johnson, Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World 
April 10 (Mon.) - Frank Ostaseski, What the Dying Teach the Living
June 5 (Mon.) - James Gleick, Time Travel
July 24 (Mon.) - Carolyn Porco, Looking for Life in the Solar System

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