The problem of the unknowable future is matched by the problem of the 
unchangeable past.  Both are solved by the dream of time travel. 

The peculiarities and paradoxes of time travel are explored in imaginative 
detail in science fiction, even though time travel doesn’t exist, or maybe 
especially because it doesn’t exist.  Grappling with the idea helps humans 
engage with a dimension of profound human powerlessness and also invites deeper 
thinking about what actually can be known about the past and what actually can 
be done about the future.

James Gleick’s meditation on time covers how time is experienced 
psychologically, how artists such as Borges, Proust, and Wells create with it, 
how religions conjure eternity, how cosmology probes forking universes, and how 
so much comes down to the nature of “now.”

Science historian Gleick is the author of Chaos (1987), Isaac Newton (2003), 
The Information (2011), and Time Travel: A History (2016).

[Note: The talk is already sold out.  Most walkups get in.  Also consider 
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"Time Travel," James Gleick, SFJAZZ Center, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, 7pm, 
Monday June 5.  The show starts promptly at 7:30pm.

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