(You are welcome to dress historically as well as shout historically at 
tonight’s Memory Lane saga.)

Tickets are still available 
for the twelfth year of “Lost Landscapes of San Francisco,“ the annual archival 
film program that celebrates the Bay Area’s past (with implications for its 
(Even when advance tickets are sold out, you can almost certainly get in by 
walking up to the door.)

This year features North Beach clubs and nightlife, New-Deal labor graphics, 
early BART footage, a scooters’ rights demonstration, dunes in the Sunset, 
Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal shooting “What’s Up Doc?“ on location in the 
Richmond District, more footage of the mysterious Running Man in Chinatown and 
on Nob Hill, Bay Area activism, Latino families dancing on Ocean Beach, and 
ever so much more.

"Lost Landscapes of San Francisco 12," Rick Prelinger, The Castro Theater, San 
Francisco, 6:30pm, TONIGHT & TOMORROW, Tuesday & Wednesday, December 12 & 13.  
The show starts promptly at 7:30pm, and it’s a huge theater that takes time to 
fill up, so come early to find the best viewing seats.

To be sure of a seat:
• Long Now Members <https://longnow.org/membership/> can use the discount code 
on the Prelinger Seminar page to reserve 2 free seats 
• You can purchase GA tickets for $20 each and Patron Tickets for $50 
• The venue is The Castro Theater 
<http://www.castrotheatre.com/directions.html>, 429 Castro Street, San 
Francisco, CA 94114
• No live stream for this event.
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Now show on 12/12 & 12/13 https://goo.gl/4exxfp <https://goo.gl/4exxfp> 

Patron ticket proceeds from this two-night show will go to support the 
Prelinger Library <http://www.prelingerlibrary.org/home/about/>, an independent 
research library of historical ephemera.

The next SALT talks are:
Jan 22 - Charles C. Mann, The Wizard and the Prophet 
Feb 26 - Michael Frachetti, The Silk Road

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