The ocean is not just filling up, it’s swelling up.  Half of sea-level rise 
comes just from the warming of the water. 

No matter what humans do next, we are now doomed to deal with ever higher 
flooding of the world's coasts every year for decades, possibly centuries.  
Nearly half of humanity lives near coasts.  Many of our greatest cities, and 
their infrastructure, will have to deal with the constantly rising waters.

Some coasts in the world are already experiencing what is coming for every 
coast soon.  Jeff Goodell's reports from those places are doubly grim.  The 
harm is already huge, but the response of local people is even more disturbing. 
 With few exceptions, they and their governments refuse to accept that the 
problem is permanent and will keep getting worse.  Those most affected by 
global warming—rich and poor—remain perversely in denial about it.

There’s lots of talk, but humanity is doing almost nothing to adapt to sea 
level rise.  So far.

Jeff Goodell is author of The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and 
the Remaking of the Civilized World (2017).

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