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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2014 02:33:39 +0200

I've found KEYIN fails this way:

  10 let p$="myProc"
  20 keyin p$
  30 stop
  40 defproc myProc
  50   print "myProc!"
  60 endproc

Error: "Missing DEF PROC".

The goal was to execute a procedure whose name is stored in an array,
without ON or IF structures. The solution I've found is to make the code

  10 let p$="myProc"
  20 keyin str$(callProc+10)+p$
  30 label callProc
  40 rem *line to be modified by keyin*
  50 stop
  60 defproc myProc
  70   print "myProc!"
  80 endproc

Functions have the same problem:

  10 deffn myFunc()=100
  20 keyin "print fn myFunc()"

Error: "FN without DEF FN".

No difference between SAM BASIC and MasterBASIC.

Is it a known "feature"? Is there any logic behind that behaviour or is
it a bug? The docs (User, Technical, MasterBASIC, TCGTSB) say nothing
about that limitation.

Thank you.

Marcos Cruz

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