Adam wrote:
If anyone doesn't know yet, there were two demos supposed to be shown.
Due to hardware problems the competition failed. Both demos have been
released anyway:

Fantastic to see some new demos. Both are great!

Does anyone know if DTA have a webpage to contact them? Or if anyone knows Antony/DTA could you please ask him to drop me an email? I'd be very grateful indeed. Hoping to ask a couple questions regarding it for the news section in SAM Revival.

I grabbed their demo Slow Motion running at 20MHz with my prototype Mayhem Accelerator last night and put it up on YouTube. The code was already counting frames to adjust how much movement to carry out for redrawing the next frame so it's running so much smoother in every part (except the slanted colour bars that were timed for standard SAM speed).

Right, back to catching up with more SAM stuff myself now I have some time on my hands for a change...

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