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thank you for new issue, haven't read much of it yet (have it in my hands just 
for about 2 hours so far), but it is worth the waiting! Keep on good work, you 
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On Sun Oct 11 12:31:20 2015 GMT+0200, Colin Piggot wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> It's finally out! SAM Revival issue 25!
> 56 pages packed with SAM goodies for the 25th Anniversary of the computer.
> What's in the magazine? Well, let's take a look at the cover first. I 
> commissioned a new drawing by Robin Evans - the original artist for the SAM 
> robot, you'll be familiar with all his doodles in the SAM Coupe User Guide 
> and the early MGT adverts from 1989/1990. Well he dusted off his memory of 
> drawing the robot and has came up trumps with the drawing for the cover. As 
> part of the commission I've also got a couple of prints of the cover artwork 
> which Robin has hand signed - the first of which will be auctioned on eBay 
> on 20th October 2015 - I'll post up some photos over the next few days on my 
> website and twitter and a link to the auction once it's started. Although I 
> paid for the comission of the artwork from my own pocket all proceeds from 
> the auction will be used towards my ongoing work developing new products for 
> the SAM Coupe. Stay tuned for more details of that nearer the time...
> Inside the magazine, a mammoth news section kicks off after the editorial, 
> covering news from around the SAM scene, with all the details of new 
> hardware, software and demos for the SAM Coupe as well as previews of 
> projects that are being worked on.
> Feature articles shows off all the work undertaken by Phil Wilson with the 
> customising of his SAM, plus shorter articles about several other 
> customisation projects. The Developer Diary section looks at the new game 
> that's Warren Lee is preparing, and a quick look at TRINload from Simon Owen 
> which is a utility to transfer data from a PC to the SAM via the Trinity 
> Ethernet Interface.
> Smaller articles look at patching some demos to make them compatible on mass 
> storage devices. I also take a look at some of the rarer and more unique 
> items I've collected over the years for the SAM Coupe.
> Throw in the usual SAM Snippets, SAM Correspondence and SAM Comment sections 
> and that wraps up this gigantic 56 page issue of the magazine.
> SAM Revival issue 25 comes with not just one, but two cover disks. On the 
> first is the classic SAM Coupe game 'Vegetable Vacation' from Fissionsoft, 
> which was originally released in 1992 by Revelation/SAMCO. Next up is 
> 'MobyDX' from Black Jet - a new release especially for SAM's anniversary - 
> thanks guys!
> The first coverdisk also features plenty of software for the Trinity 
> Ethernet Interface - starting off with a new version of B-DOS. This version 
> (1.5t beta 6) allows the Trinity to use SD/SDHC cards up to a whopping 64GB 
> in size. An installer is also included on the disk to store the new DOS on 
> the Trinity Ethernet Interface's EEPROM if you use the optional BOOT ROM. 
> Plus, there are the first few TCP/IP demo programs for the Trinity Ethernet 
> Interface. The first demo downloads a screen/music from the internet, the 
> second demo downloads the full game 'XOR' from the net directly to your SAM. 
> This all really shows what's on the horizon for the SAM now it's connected 
> to the internet. My thanks to all those involved with pushing the Trinity 
> forward - Adrian Brown, Simon Owen, Chris Pile, and content for the 
> downloadable demos from Warren Lee, David Sanders and Howard Price.
> The second coverdisk is dedicated entirely to mind blowing megademo from 
> MNEMOtech's Andrew Collier - 'Stars and Sprites'. Andrew has done some 
> really impressive coding for the fantastic graphical effects and great 
> music! Plus one of the scrollers does mention something about a hidden 
> part... Hmmmm!
> SAM Revival 25 costs £4.99 with UK postage, £7.99 with EU Airmail postage 
> and £8.99 with Airmail postage for the rest of the world.
> To order by PayPal or debit/credit card please see my website at: 
> www.samcoupe.com
> Other recent releases from myself include:
> ** SID Soundchip Interface - 2014 Edition
> Originally released back in 2003, my SID Interface allowed the SAM to use 
> the soundchip from a Commodore 64. This all stemmed from my own small pet 
> project exploring old forms of computer sound - with it's unique sound the 
> SID soundchip remains very popular with computer audiophiles to this day. 
> The new 2014 edition features an onboard DC to DC convertor to generate the 
> supply voltage for the SID soundchip so an external PSU is no longer 
> required.
> Bundled with the interface is a software disk, featuring Simon Owen's 
> marvellous .sid   playback code. Using a software emulator to run 6510 
> machine code (the Commodore 64's processor) the SAM is able to run .sid 
> music files in real time (that's essentially partial C64 emulation on the 
> SAM!) so there's now the ability to listen to thousands of C64 music files. 
> The new 2014 edition of the SID Soundchip Interface is priced at £44.99
> ** Trinity Mass Storage Interface
> If you don't want the full Ethernet functions and onboard EEPROM and just 
> want to add some simple mass storage on your SAM then that's what the cut 
> down "Trinity Mass Storage" interface offers. SD/SDHC card support up to 
> 64GB. Price: £44.99
> ** 2 Way Expansion Card - 2013 Edition
> This card is always handy if you need to plug two peripherals into the rear 
> euroconnector on your SAM Coupe! Having run out of PCBs for my earlier 
> version I decided to update the expansion card with thicker tracks as well 
> as try out a new PCB supplier. For the same costs I was able to have the 
> card made in a stunning red colour, and I've gone with a text style matching 
> the Trinity Ethernet Interface to keep a consistent style to my hardware. 
> £26.99
> Photos / more information about these SAM Coupe products, see 
> www.samcoupe.com as usual!
> All the best,
> Colin
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