On Tue, Nov 03, 2015 at 12:48:09AM +0100, Marcos Cruz wrote:
> Sorry if this is a bit off-topic.
> An email list has just been created to discuss the Forth programming
> language on Sinclair (and Z80) computers:
> http://programandala.net/en.forth-sinclair.html


OT too, but I've been wanting to emulate the Hobbit (ZX Spectrum clone)
in Fuse for a while, as this has a Forth mode.  Black Cat has sent me
schematics for the machine but it's all somewhat outside my comfort zone.
I also have the ROM images for the machine, and extension documentation,
in Russian, which we can translate.

If you, or anyone else would like to help me to make sense of the
hardware I think this would be a great project. :-)

I'm just not sure if you're more focussed on Forth itself and perhaps my
attempts to emulate the hardware might be off-topic there.

Er.  Except they're off-topic here too, so... um.  Sorry folks. :-)

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