Sam Coupe Mini?

On Fri, 13 Apr 2018, at 9:17 PM, RWAP Software wrote:
> Paul Andrews (Andrews UK) is part of the team behind the original 
> Sinclair Vega and Vega+ (not the version which Retro Computers Limited 
> are still struggling to get out to Kickstarter backers), and theC64Mini 
> which has come out recently.
> Rich Mellor RWAP Software
> On 2018-04-13 21:01, Thomas Harte wrote:
> > Per both Wikipedia and, more convincingly, the UK Intellectual
> > Property Office, they registered the 'Sam Coupe' trade mark in May
> > last year for software and hardware.
> > 
> > They also seem to have gone after Jupiter Ace, ZX80, ZX81 and Sinclair
> > Spectrum so it might just be a name grab but they seem primarily to be
> > a Luton-based vanity publisher per (which gives
> > the same address as that with the IPO, so it's the same company) and
> > there's no obvious value in a trade mark you're not actually going to
> > use and that nobody else is using so my theories end there.
> > 
> > Does anybody have any more concrete ideas?

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