I note some distinctions here:

The tools you had trouble with were NT tools,  and the problem didn't exist
with all of them.  NT is not case sensitive,  and so developers of the
various tools and utilities probably handle character case differently.  I'm
betting that it's the utility you are using that is deciding to make the
file name upper case (file copy, by default, calls the output "COPY OF
FOO.TXT" and probably doesn't try to preserve the case of the original file
name,  notepad may also throw away any lower case letters ... Etc.)  You
should try these same tests without going through the loopback to make sure
you understand what behavior is introduced by the utility itself .vs. what
might be getting introduced when you throw samba into the mix.  If the
behavior is the same in both cases,  I'd blame the NT utility,  not the file
sharing method.  

                Karen Wieprecht

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Sent: Saturday, September 28, 2002 4:55 AM
Subject: [Samba] Problems with lower and uppercase filenames

Hi, I just subscribed to this list to see if I can get a solution to the 
following problem.
I've spent a couple of hours looking though the man pages, google, etc 
but haven't found a solution.

Platform: RedHat 7.3 and Win98SE (in spanish)
Samba Version 2.2.3a

Ok, the problem is the following.

case 1:
Let's say I have a unix directory /temp  shared through samba. I'm 
sitting at my windows machine and I can create filenames
with upper/lowe/mixed cases and everything works fine

case 2:
There's a windows shared directory in my windows machine, let's call it  
I want to access it from unix so I do a  mount -t smbfs -o username=joe 
 //WINPUTER/MyWinShare /mnt/winputer/shareit

now from the unix shell prompt I can create files in my windows machine 
with any kind of upper/lower case letters...

so far so good...

Now I create a samba share:
browseable = yes
writable = yes
create mask = 0666
directory mask = 0777
preserve case=yes                ; added this one just in case....

The problem starts now. When accessing this share from the Windows 
computer I can see the shared directory (although through
an unnecesary "loopback" which is irrelevant to the problem because it 
still happens with a different setup "without loops").
* If I drag and copy a file from the windows explorer, lets say 
"foo.txt", the new file becomes "COPY OF FOO.TXT"
   All the characters in uppercase.
* If I move the file to another directory in the share, the case is kept.
* If I rename a file to fOooOo.tXt,  the case is kept.
* If I use Notepad and save a new file in the share, it goes all to 
* If I use Wordpad, however, it respects the case...
* Other programs behave in different ways...

The main problem (and what started all this) is that my Java IDE has the 
"all to uppercase" problem and if I edit a file and then save it, the
filename goes to UPPER which is very bad for a Java filename since 
it's case sensitive.

So I read man smb.conf, man smbmount, etc... and saw parameters for 
codepages and character sets, and started trying combinations (my windows is
in codepage 850 for DOS and codepage 1252 for windows, my 
/usr/share/samba/codepages has an entry for 1251 but
not for 1252...)
Nothing new happens with all the codepage changes, the problem persists.

Notice that is not a problem of smb itself because other shares work 
fine, nor of smbmount itself because from the unix prompt I can create files
in the windows machine with any case of letter. But smb+smbmount, 
both together, give this phenomenon!!!

any ideas??   I hope this is not too confusing... it's 6:30am already 
and I can't even type!



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