"Eli Kleinman - IT Dept." wrote:
> Hi all
> using samba3_alpha20
> dose any know what this error in the samba log file is
> [2002/10/11 13:46:20, 0] profile/profile.c:profile_setup(140)
>   ERROR: we did not create the shmem (owned by another user)
> [2002/10/11 13:46:20, 0] smbd/server.c:main(813)
>   ERROR: failed to setup profiling

You compiled --with-profile-data and (I'll guess) apache randomly picked
our magic number for it's scoreboard.  Don't compile --with-profile-data
or (quick fix) restart apache.  This configure option is for performance
testing, and is not generally useful.

Andrew Bartlett

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