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> Hi,
> im having Problems joining my ubuntu-Machine to a Win2k3 Active Directory.
> I tryed
> m...@ubuntu-05:/home$ sudo net ads join -U domainadmin
> domainadmin's password:
> Using short domain name -- INTRANET
> No DNS domain configured for localhost. Unable to perform DNS Update.
> DNS update failed!
> Joined 'UBUNTU-05' to realm 'INTRANET.LAN'
> What bothers my the most ist the line with 'localhost'. Where does this
> come from? The ubuntu-Machine or the Windows-Directory? I want the machine
> joined as ubuntu-05.intranet.lan. But after the join above, its DNS Name is
> listed as 'localhost' instead of 'ubuntu-05.intranet.lan'.
> Is this a Problem of the Client (ubuntu-05) or the AD- and DNS-Server?
> Greets, mala
This is a problem with the client identity. Please edit /etc/hostname with
the short name, also edit /etc/hosts with the fully qualified domain name of
the machine. Since we have a disjoined DNS space for our AD, I put a line
like the following in my /etc/hosts file hostname.domain.local hostname.domain.com hostname

Test your edits using the `hostname` command. Check both the short name and
the FQDN using the -f flag. You may want to reboot for good measure to be
sure the hostname is changed and sticks through reboots.

Then try to join again, the DNS update should work in that case now that
FQDN of the client now matches the AD domain.

Robert LeBlanc
Life Sciences & Undergraduate Education Computer Support
Brigham Young University
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