Hi folks,

At a customer, I installed a fresh Samba Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" with samba
3.6.6 as a PDC for a network of Windows 7 machines. This isn't my
first-ever samba installation (I have several customers whom I support
running samba in similar configurations), but it is the first time I'm
using the just-released Debian "Wheezy" and the samba that comes with it.

After installing samba and configuring it as PDC, and loading the
registry keys as documented on
<https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Windows7>, I could join a Windows 7
Professional machine to the domain; however, after a reboot, I got a
dutch translation of the "the trust relation between this workstation
and the primary domain failed" message that is documented there as being
fixed with samba 3.4 "or later".

I'm not sure what happened here. Is this a regression in samba 3.6.6, a
bug in the packaging, or did I do something wrong? I'm not sure I
understand what that (somewhat unhelpful) message actually means, so
debugging from there didn't help me very much, either.

I'd appreciate any pointers as to what's going on here.


Wouter Verhelst
Battelsesteenweg 455E, 2800 Mechelen
M: +32 486 836 198
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