Hello Thierry,

Am 13.05.2013 16:22, schrieb Thierry Gonon:
I have a problem with dns forwarding.
Here's my settings : in samba domain provision, i select
> (i.e. my samba server) as dns forwarder (we have
> a firewall, but it's not set as DNS forwarder)
I change the resolv.conf file to the following : search XX.X ;
> domain XX.X ; nameserver ; nameserver

What am I doing wrong...? I think it's just a small issue,
> but can't find it.

Do I understand your problem right: You set your samba host as forwarder? Then this is the issue.

Set 'dns forwarder =' in your smb.conf (+ restart) and put 'nameserver' in your /etc/resolv.conf.

'dns forwarder' lists the DNS servers, where requests are send to, the samba server can't answer from it's own zones.

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