Dear Samba users,

Having scanned this list archive, this problem has been raised several times over the past 12 months on this list, but mostly without any response. Now it's happened to us too, and I raise it again in case anybody has figured it out in the meantime.

All our employees are provided with laptops, and spend a lot of time working offline. We make extensive use of the Offline Files capability of Win2K, synchronizing changes when back in the office, or over a VPN. This is our user-backup method, since it requires no effort from users and hence actually gets used. We've run like this for over 2 years without problems.

We have recently switched running Samba 2.2.7-security-fix-rollup on RedHat 8. I'm not sure which Samba version that was - whatever shipped with RedHat 7.2 - but it didn't exhibit this problem.

With the new version, trying to synchronize any file modification made while offline, fails with the message "Offline Files (\\server\user on server): Access to 'file.txt' is denied on \\server\user\my_folder.

New files or modifications made while on-line sync OK. There is no problem accessing any file while online.
A new file, created offline, synchronizes OK, i.e. sync only fails when the file already exists on the server.
Oh, and it dumps an empty file for each failed sync with a name like "800BF4" (I presume it's Windows which makes this file).

Hence a tedious workaround is to rename the file when offline, synchronize (which causes the old copy to be deleted on the server, and creates the new one) and then rename the file back again when online.

I found two suggestions on this list which don't work:
Setting chmod 777 on files on the server makes no difference (and anyhow, wasn't necessary before).
Setting "force create mode = 0660" and "force directory mode = 0770" made no difference.

If anybody has had this problem and found out how to fix it, please let us know. Does anyone know if the problem is fixed in 3.0.* for example?

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