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I have the same problem. I have an old Redhat 7.3 box that I am trying to replace with a FC3 box..

when the FC3 box mounts samba directories the symlinks show up as symlinks ( and are invalid as they point to non-local paths)

When the RedHat 7.3 box mounts the same directories, it is unaware that the symlinks are not directories. For years I have accumulated symlinks that files between different projects. So, it's not an easy option to "stop using symlinks"

I tried installing the old version of samba on the new machine, ( rpm -U samba-client-2.2.7-3.7.3.i386.rpm samba-common-2.2.7-3.7.3.i386.rpm --force --nodeps ) it complained but seemed to work. But even with the OLD rpms the symlinks still show up as symlinks. I am at wits end.

My friend found related link in bugzilla .

If that is the problem, is there a quick and dirty trick to make the server think all clients are windows clients? ( clearly not an elegant solution but would solve the current crisis )

-- Russell Polo

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