You are right!
Here is a short fragment of the file where the sorting starts to be incorrect.

D00689:262:CAUR4ANXX:1:2210:12001:8808/1                 99           
AMEXGS_00350000072                 1073537649
D00689:262:CAUR4ANXX:1:2212:4262:62218/2                 131         
AMEXGS_00350000072                 1073537662
>>> Incorrect sorting beyond this point
D00689:262:CAUR4ANXX:1:1311:7571:42633/1                 115         
AMEXGS_00350000052                 1073757534
D00689:262:CAUR4ANXX:1:1209:14064:92038/1              115         
AMEXGS_00350000052                 1073762716
D00689:262:CAUR4ANXX:1:1207:19595:38302/1              67           
AMEXGS_00350000066                 1073768421
D00689:262:CAUR4ANXX:1:1202:12406:98751/1              83           
AMEXGS_00350000071                 1073787822
D00689:262:CAUR4ANXX:1:1205:7367:92746/2                 131         
AMEXGS_00350000050                 1073798500

The reads map beyond 1,073,741,824.

I guess I’ll just write a small sorting utility.

Thank you!
Best regards

Dr. Sergej Nowoshilow
Post-doc in Tanaka Lab

Elly Tanaka group
Animal models of regeneration
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1030 Vienna

phone: +43 (0) 1 79730 3203

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Betreff: Re: [Samtools-help] Extremely long reference sequences

On 9 Mar 2018, at 23:56, Nowoshilow,Sergej 
<<>> wrote:
Apparently, the BAM file is not quite correctly sorted after all. A simple test
samtools view test.sorted.bam | cut -f3 | uniq
proofs that it is indeed the case, since the scaffold IDs are sorted over ~90% 
of the file (e.g. from scaffold001-scaffold100), while the last 10% are not 
sorted at all, e.g. scaffold052 may follow the scaffold100 an so on. Therefore, 
the problem is rather "samtools sort" and not "samtools index".

Does this jumbled last 10% consist of reads mapped at locations beyond 2^30? I 
suspect you have rediscovered 
which it appears fell off the samtools maintainers' to-do list and was never 
fixed. Alas.

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