> I also had the same problem with the scanner part of an Epson
> multifunction printer. I solved it by installing the drivers from the
> Epson web site, which are indeed almost impossible to find. Here a
> link:,

Thank you - the package I found there seems to work fine - very grateful.

> Basically I switched the backend form epson2 to epkowa, which comes
> with the package form the Epson download site. It now works fine at
> least with Image Scan for Linux (also from the Epson package, although
> you can install it separate if you want). 

However, I can't find any evidence that a new SANE backend called epkowa
is being used - instead it seems to use something at
/usr/lib64/sane/, despite the fact that
/etc/sane.d/dll.conf doesn't contain any line enabling that backend. So
I don't entirely understand why it works, but I'm glad that it does !

> I didn't try it with xsane, but you should be good to go.

Thank you - it works fine with xsane also.

Best wishes,
Roger Sewell.

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