Currently on the supported devices page the device "P-208II | USB | 0x1083/0x165f" is listed as "Untested".

I'd like to announce a my test results for that device.

Frontend :Simple Scan 3.20.0 under Fedora 24
Backend : canon_dr:libusb
Sane version: 1.0.25
Manufacturer: Canon
Device: P-208II

What works

* All resolutions as specified in specifications
* Simplex and Duplex ("Scan multiple images" in frontend needs to be used)
* Staple Scans

What does not work

* Everything "CaptureOnTouch"-related
* "Auto Start" switch on the device has to be set to "OFF", otherwise the device will not be found
* Automatic de-skew
* White page ignore on staple scan
* Poor colour calibration
* See sample : https://box.bugabinga.net/cloud/index.php/s/HZKAgFbsQd4Ix08 * See (manually) colour corrected sample to get an idea as to what was roughly expected: https://box.bugabinga.net/cloud/index.php/s/JxAbh2Md2stwfPG

Thank you for your efforts and let me know if there is more for me to test,


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