the scanner I am using has a peculiar problem, where scanning consecutive 
images causes the image quality to degrade: the left part becomes yellow in 
vertical streaks that increase in numbers; the right part becomes red. To get a 
completely yellow-red image, about 10 scans are necessary, regardless of 

The backend for this scanner is plustek.

The problem occurs regardless of frontend. Xsane is particularly bad, because 
the 2nd of 3rd image can be completely yellow/red. Inserting a call to 
sane_close/sane_open between scans fixes the problem a bit - the 3rd image 
starts showing streaks.

You can find the effect of 5 consecutive scans of a white A4 page here: 
The command to obtain them: scanimage -d plustek -x 215 -y 20 --preview=yes -b 

I suspect the problem is somewhere in the backend.
I can make it through building, but how do I install and use a local copy of 
the plustek backend?


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