Hello everyone,

I'm using the Reflecta 10T scanner using the pieusb backend. It mostly works very well, thanks! One 
thing I have noticed though is that if I enable the infrared scratch and dust removal option 
"Clean image" in Xsane, the detected defects get painted over with a blurred dot. On film 
negatives, which have a grainy structure, the results are clearly visible. I've uploaded an example 
here: https://mis.julianhauser.com/index.php/s/MhSuFltcm0CLIMs. It would be very nice if the 
corrections repaired the result taking into account the structure of the neighbouring areas (as for 
example the "healing tool" in GIMP does).

Does the "overpainting" happen in the firmware of the scanner or is that part 
of sane? If it's part of sane, how is it done? Unfortunately I'm not really a programmer, 
but I'd very interested in trying to fix this (if it's possible).

Two more things I've noticed with the scanner is that images always come out 
reversed left-to-right and greyscale scans make xsane crash. These things don't 
bother me much  as they are easily fixed with a script after scanning. I can 
send crash logs if someone is interested in debugging this however.


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