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Hi All,

Okay, now this is "scary".

Both xsane and Simple Scan work locally.

I can not get saned to work, UNLESS, I edit /etc/group
and add the following to root


Without it, I get

$ xsane net:localhost:epkowa:interpreter:001:007
Access to resource has been denied

Now what am I doing wrong?  Must saned have root privileges?

Many thanks,

I just caught this:

$ ps -eo pid,user,group,args --sort user | grep cups
  5005 root     root     /usr/sbin/cupsd -l

CUPS "is" running as root.  So is it okay to add
saned to root's group?

No, of course not, that's a huge security hole. Just because cups does it is no indication that saned should.

The problem could well be that the user saned does not have access to your scanner. So check that saned is a member of whichever group can access your scanner device. This may be 'scanner'.


find /dev -iname \*scanner\*

Please keep this on the list.

What do the commands

lsusb -s 001:007


ls -l /dev/bus/usb/001/007



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