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   1. Re: sanskrit Digest, Vol 42, Issue 12 (Vijayaraghavan Bashyam)


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Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 11:34:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Vijayaraghavan Bashyam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: [Sanskrit] sanskrit Digest, Vol 42, Issue 12
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>All I can cay is: if you say so, I guess that is what these
>sounds mean.  But that does not make them Sanskrit.

I am not sure if this is applicable here since I am more familiar with the 
traditional way of vedic learning than with classical sanskrit, Panini etc.

In the traditional vedic learning system (aleast kRRiShNa yajur veda taittirIya 
shAkhA) after 'graduating' with the degree of ghanapAThI, the next stage is to 
learn veda 'lakShaNa'. The student is taught the meanings of the various sounds 
which appear in the veda, the differences between the same syllable intonated 
at different relative pitches, grouping of syllables into varNas and vargas, 
etc., Until now the student only has been taught the sounds with analogies of 
other sounds. During lakShaNa learning, the student is taught the importance of 
particular intonations. That is, the focus is on the 'why' rather than on the 
'what' as far as the sounds are concerned. Etymology is one of the parts of 
lakShaNa. After mastering lakShaNa, the student gets the title of 'salakShaNa 
ghanapAThI'. The next step is to go on to vedArtha. lakShaNa is an important 
step towards vedArtha because, the correct interpretations of the words is 
possible only with a strong grip on lakShaNa.

I dont know if the gu-ru example stems from veda lakShaNa but it might be worth 
looking into. Perhaps one of Sayana's commentaries has something on this.

vijayarAghavan bhAShyam


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