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   1. Metrical curiosities (J. K. Mohana Rao)


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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 01:56:56 -0800 (PST)
From: "J. K. Mohana Rao" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: [Sanskrit] Metrical curiosities
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In Sanskrit prosody books, it is quite common to 
see examples of vRttAs with their names occuring 
as words in the examples.  This is called 
mudrAlaMkAra.  The name generally agrees with 
the guru-laghu scheme of the poem either at the 
beginning or at the end of the pAda.  Given 
below is an incomplete list to illustrate this 

The name agrees with the gaNa scheme at the 
beginning of the pAda for the following: 

shashivadanA - na-ya
chitrapadA - bha-bha-ga-ga
mANavakA - bha-ta-la-ga
bhujaMgashishubhR(ru)ta - na-na-ma
rukmavatI - bha-ma-sa-ga
dOdhaka - bha-bha-bha-ga-ga
vAtOrmI - ma-bha-ta-ga-ga
mauktikamAlA - bha-ta-na-ga-ga
svAgata - ra-na-bha-ga-ga
shyEni - ra-ja-ra-ga-ga
chaMdravartma - ra-na-bha-sa
drutavilaMbita - na-bha-bha-ra
puTa - na-na-ma-ya
pramuditavadanA - na-na-ra-ra
pramitAkshharA - sa-ja-sa-sa
abhinavatAmarasaM - na-ja-ja-ya
praharaNakalitA - na-na-bha-na-la-ga
iMduvadanA - bha-ja-sa-na-ga-ga
maNigaNanikara - na-na-na-na-sa
maMdAkrAMtA - ma-bha-na-ta-ta-ga-ga
bhadraka - bha-ra-na-ra-na-ra-na-ga
mattAkrIDA - ma-ma-ta-na-na-na-na-la-ga
krauMchapadA - bha-ma-sa-bha-na-na-na-(ya)na-ga
utpalamAla or utpalamAlikA or kAmalatA -  
shashivadanA (chaMpakamAla) - na-ja-bha-ja-ja-ja-ra
mattakOkila - ra-sa-ja-ja-bha-ra

For the following, the name agrees with the gaNa 
scheme at the end of the pAda.  

tanumadhyA - ta-ya
vasumatI - na-sa
madalEkhA - ma-sa-ga
halamukhI - ra-na-sa
upasthitA - ta-ja-ja-ga
iMdravajrA - ta-ta-ja-ga-ga
sumukhI - na-ja-ja-la-ga
bhramaravilasitaM -  ma-bha-na-la-ga
rathOddhatA - ra-na-ra-la-ga
vRMtA - na-na-sa-ga-ga
bhadrikA - na-na-ra-la-ga
kusumavichitrA - na-ya-na-ya
priyaMvadA - na-bha-ja-ra
maNimAlA - ta-ya-ta-ya
mahitOjjvalA - na-na-bha-ra
vaishvadEvI - ma-ma-ya-ya
mAlatI - na-ja-ja-ra
paMchachAmaraM - ja-bha-ja-ra
paMchachAmaraM - ja-ra-ja-ra-ja-ga
kshhamA - na-na-ta-ta-ga
mattamayUraM - ma-ta-ya-sa-ga
maMjubhAshhiNI - sa-ja-sa-ja-ga
chaMdrikA - na-na-ta-ta-ga
asaMbAdhA - ma-ta-na-sa-ga-ga
aparAjitA - na-na-ra-sa-la-ga
shashikalA - na-na-na-na-sa
prabhadrakaM - na-ja-bha-ja-ra
aelA - sa-ja-na-na-ya
chaMdralEkhA - ma-ra-ma-ya-ya
gajavilasitaM - bha-ra-na-na-na-ga
shikhariNI - ya-ma-na-sa-bha-la-ga
tanvI - bha-ta-na-sabha-bha-na-ya
ashvalalitaM - na-ja-bha-ja-bha-ja-bha-la-ga
suvadanA - ma-ra-bha-naya-bha-la-ga
shArdUlavikrIDitaM - ma-sa-ja-sa-ta-ta-ga
mattEbhavikrIDitaM - sa-bha-ra-na-ma-ya-la-ga
narkuTakaM or kOkilakaM - na-ja-bha-ja-ja-la-ga

For the following, the name agrees both at the 
beginning and at the end. 

vidyullEkhA - ma-ma
vidyunmAlA - ma-ma-ga-ga
pramANikA - ja-ra-la-ga
mattA - ma-bha-sa-ga
shrI - bha-ta-na-ga-ga
prabhA - na-na-ra-ra
bhujaMgaprayAtaM - ya-ya-ya-ya
sragviNI - ra-ra-ra-ra
lOlA - ma-sa-ma-bha-ga-ga
vRtta - ra-ja-ra-ja-ra-ja-ga-la

Regards!  -  J K  Mohana  Rao

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