Position: User Experience Architect

 Location: Eagan MN

Duration : 1 year


Seven questions answered by the manager:

The type of positions/titles of roles that you hire and what pay rates
ranges you consider for the roles. Also if you could include what titles
you had used in the past.
a. Titles/Roles
i. Information Architect (old title)
ii. User Experience Architect (new title)
b. Pay Rates
i. Low 50s to Upper 70s. Depends on talent and need. After 80, we have
really high expectations. We don’t tend to go into that area unless the are
a) very good b) self-starters and c) capable of project leadership. We
would only likely go higher for really great unicorn types.
ii. On the lower end of things, we tend to look at potential and fit for
the project.
iii. I would say our best fit talent has been in the 70 – 80 range.
c. Titles we see on resumes that match ours
i. User Experience Designer

1. we use this for visual design, but many resumes will have it for any UX
ii. User Experience Engineer
iii. User Experience Strategist
iv. Usability Expert
v. UI Designer

3. Any marketing verbiage you use or share with your suppliers or
candidates when they come in to meet with you.
a. We like to advertise that we are a growing group of talented designers
who work on complex problems but strive for simple solutions. Our campas is
home to several perks including a Wellbeing Center, US Bank, Rotating
Restaurants in our Café, a Convience Store with everything from greeting
cards to umbrellas to movie tickets and dry cleaning, and a really great
nature reserve with walking trails.

4. Background and cultural information about your group.
a. We are a growing team of 50+ interdisciplinary user experience
professionals. Our team covers everything from research, information
architecture, visual design, accessibility, and front end CSS. Our growing
team is viewed within the company as a partner in the drive for better
products and our influence is well received and our results well known and
appreciated. We have continuously grown over the past several years with a
great retention rate. We’re a fun, inclusive team that strives for work
life balance and comradery both at work and beyond.

5. Any portfolio or resumes/candidates that are a great fit and why.
a. I’ve attached a few that I have really liked over the years.
b. The key thing here is that programming languages on a resume is a red
flag. We don’t program or code or any of that. Maybe if they’re a CSS
applicant, but almost never for a designer. There is a big difference
between UI Developer and UI Designer. I look like to look for keywords like
wrieframes, site maps, requirements gathering, vision maps, etc.
c. We really don’t get much from a resume. For us, it is all about the
portfolio. I have a hard time considering candidates that cannot share
their work. Even then, it has to be clear that they did the work and not
just oversaw the work.
d. Another big thing to share about our team is that we don’t do marketing
sites. Our work won’t be public facing. We design applications that are on
the web, meaning products that people pay to log in to. There are some
really big complexities to what we have to design and we don’t tend to get
away with large imagery. You won’t be designing product pages or shopping
carts with us. We like to look for people who experience developing
applications, as they tend to have the experience we need.

6. What groups, memberships/certifications, speaking events, conferences
that you attend or the candidates you would like to consider would attend.
c. Umm…there are really a ton and they are all different for different
reasons. Conference attendance in general is a good sign, but really it is
a bonus. I know really REALLY talented designers that don’t go to

7. Areas or locations you would consider resources from i.e. Wisconsin or
New York.
a. Sticking to the Minneapolis Metro area is typically a good call.

About the Role
As a Senior User Experience Architect for Thomson Reuters Legal, you will
be tasked with creating and communicating designs for our next generation
of complex legal solutions. Your responsibility will include attention to
detail, critical thinking, and passion for clean, modern, usable design.
You will be expected to collaborate on a large user experience team as well
as be a thought leader, taking charge of the design effort and being the
voice of the customer. You lead by example, and know that the simplest
interface and solution always requires the most work, and the most
successful designs are often the ones that no one notices – because they
just work.

- 5+ years relevant experience in user experience design
- Degree in information sciences, information design, human-computer
interaction, anthropology, cognitive psychology, or related field
- Comprehensive portfolio of work that demonstrates ability to create
understandable, well-thought designs
- Solid understanding of principles of design, information architecture,
layout, and patterns
- Understand complex systems with large sets of always changing data
- Document and communicate complex designs with attention to detail and
justify design decisions and rationale
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Strong understanding of accessibility standards and considerations

Day-to-Day Responsibilities
- Design interface mockups, wireframes, flowcharts, prototypes, and style
- Present and defend concepts to stakeholders and other UX team members
- Provide and receiving design feedback to/from peers
- Lead and facilitate brainstorming and sketching sessions with cross
functional teams
- Collaborate with other UX team members and stakeholders to understand and
design based on user and business needs as well as technical considerations
- Establish and promote design guidelines, best practices, and standards
- Ensure designs are executed as specified in final product

Additional Desired Qualifications
- Capable of working with HTML, JS, and/or CSS
- Create prototypes for rapid user testing
- Experience conducting user research
- Strong visual design skills including color, typography, animation,
iconography, and composition
- Plan and design responsive and mobile web applications
- Familiarity with Material Design best practices
- Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development process

*Thanks& Regards*

*Kumara Swamy*

*Recruiting Manager*

*Techpro IT Solutions INC *


*Desk:202-779-9902 *

*Gtalk ID:kumarbi...@gmail.com <id%3akumarbi...@gmail.com>*

*160, Littleton road, Suit:202, Parsippany, NJ-07054*

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