*Hi                         *

*Please lookup the below position and if you feel comfortable ,then please
send me your updated resume*

* Position  : Siebel Developer *

*Location : Albany, NY Duration : 18 Months Phone Hire !!! *

*Required Skills*

·         60 Months experience configuring and developing Siebel 8.x
applications with Siebel Tools including the Physical user interface (UI)
layer, Logical user interface objects layer, Business objects layer, and
the data objects layer.

·         60 months experience writing scripts in Siebel 8.x using the
Siebel Tools Script Editor and the Siebel Object Interfaces.

·         60 months experience automating business processes through Siebel
workflows in Siebel 8.x applications.

·         36 months experience with the OPA Connector for Siebel including
integrating Siebel applications to rule-bases deployed to both ODS and OWD,
integrating the Decision Report Viewer, and mapping Siebel applications to
an OPA rule-base using business object mapping and integration object

·         4 months experience with Oracle Policy Automation 9 or greater
including Oracle Determinations Engine, Oracle Determinations Server,
Oracle Web Determinations, Oracle Interview Portlet, and Oracle Web
Determinations Interview Engine.

·         12 months experience in Siebel Open UI Client

·         6 months experience in system monitoring and performance
monitoring and tuning of highly available and interactive Siebel enterprise
systems in Siebel 8.1 or 8.2.

·         36 Months of hands on experience installing, designing,
developing and deploying enterprise scale Oracle Seibel CRM   environments
including Siebel Tools and Developer Web Client installation and
configuration in Siebel 8.1 and 8.2.

Regards ,

Kailash Negi

VSG Business Solutions

Phone: 302-261-3207 x 102

Email:  kail...@vsgbusinesssolutions.com

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