*Hi                         *

*Please lookup the below position and if you feel comfortable ,then please
send me your updated resume*

* Position  : .Net Developer  *

*Location : Brooklyn, NY *

*Duration : 12+ Months Phone then Face to Face *

Client is hiring a .NET Developer for a multi-year project in Brooklyn, NY.

*Job Responsibilities*

   - Perform *System Design/Coding.*
   - Work with MIS staff (e.g. managers, senior programmers, support staff,
   product manager) to plan program code implementation, enhancements and
   - Create, test and maintain program code.
   - Design reports, audit trails/logs, security mechanisms.
   - Provide assistance to MIS technical support staff when they are unable
   to resolve a program, database, or IT issue by themselves.
   - Occasionally contact customers as needed to clarify the intent of a
   new feature or resolve a problem.
   - Provide general programming assistance to other MIS
   programmers/projects as needed.
   - Perform *Testing/Evaluation.*
   - Tests programs and systems and integrates system modules
   - *Develop, implement, and monitor* information technology quality
   assurance standards.
   - *Create, test, and maintain test case procedures* and documentation.

* Job Requirements:*

   - Minimum 7 Years Experience with writing application software, data
   analysis, data access
   - Minimum 7 Years Experience with data structures, data manipulation,
   databases, design, programming, testing and implementation
   - Minimum 7 Years Experience writing and reading technical and user
   - Minimum 5 Years Exposure to Microsoft .Net development environment
   including web, internet and intranet applications and* WCF, Java script,
   Jquery and Ajax.*
   - Minimum 5 Years Experience of reading and following programming
   specifications, flowcharts and other system design document as a guide to
   implementing software solutions.

Regards ,

Kailash Negi

VSG Business Solutions

Phone: 302-261-3207 x 102

Email:  kail...@vsgbusinesssolutions.com

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