Hope you are doing great.

This is regarding an opening for Mainframe Developer. Please find the job
details and share your updated resume if interested. Please reply asap.

Position: Mainframe Developer

Location: Marysville, OH

Job Description:

Key skills required for the job are:


   - JCL - Job Control Language(Mandatory)
   - COBOL(Mandatory)
   - JCL - Job Control Language IBM Rational Developer – RDz
   - MainFrame ASSEMBLER
   - Mainframe Testing
   - VSAM, EASYTRIEVE, COBOL, IBM Rational Asset Analyzer - RAA, REXX, PL-1

Basic Knowledge of JCL Basic Syntax Language Constructs Error handling
Knowledge of application execution by using JCL Advanced Concepts Utility
programs Procedures Overrides Usage of Temporary datasets/Dummy
datasets/Generation Data Group debug Performance Optimization step bypass
Overrides FTP Restart

Basic Knowledge of Cobol. Basic Syntax Language Constructs Error handling
Knowledge of application development by using COBOL Advanced Concepts
Compiler Options Subprograms Routines Tables Array & Indexing debug -
Abend-AID Application program development experience Application Program
Tuning Performance Optimization Interrupts Checkpoint and Restart

Basic REXX/CLIST concepts and instructions Understanding of REXX PARS Eing
capability, REXX build-in Functions, REXX Instructions such as
IF-THEN-ELSE,LEAVE, ITERATE, DO ...SELECT Able to programming with
REXX/CLIST – Control Structures, Expression Modifiers - Storage Management
- TSO commands ALTER,PRINTDS - TSO/ E EXECIO command ( Buffers and Stacks )
Adv PERL programming techniques Database connectivity using PERL

Basic Knowledge of EASYTRIEVE Basic Syntax File Processing Structure Error
handling Advanced Concepts Data manipulation Decision and Branching Logics
Input/output handling Report processing Error and Exception handling
Application program development experience

Basic Knowledge of VSAM Basic Syntax File Error handling Knowledge of VSAM
file usage in the application program Advanced Concepts Utilities to Handle
VSAM Rules of IDCAMS debug Performance Optimization INDEX DISKS AND CATALOGS

Should have knowledge on basic concepts of testing, Test case Execution,
Mainframe Online testing.

Possesses domain Knowledge and helps in designing and writing the test cases

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