*Hope you are doing well,*

*Please find the below position, If you feel comfortable, Please share your
profile and let me know a suitable to call you or you can reach me @
408-457-9399 Ext 2054.*

*Job Title::            Front-End Developer*

*Location::           Multiple Location*

*Duration::           6-12+Months*

*Skills Required and Job Description:*

*•           Experience with version control systems and collaborating on
common code base in a Continuous Integration environment*

*•           HTML5, especially semantic structure of the DOM*

*•           CSS3 and preprocessors such as SASS or LESS*

*•           JavaScript functional programming (as opposed to

*•           JavaScript events (event loop and callbacks)*

*•           Client-Side MVC frameworks (Backbone/Marionette, Ember,

*•           JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Underscore)*

*•           NodeJS (for development and build environment tools, not for
server-side JS in production - e.g. Grunt, Gulp, Shifter, Broccoli, Select,

*•           JavaScript templating (Mustache, Handlebars, Jade, Soy, etc.)*

*•           Module design pattern*

*•           Dependency injection/inversion of control*

*•           Separation of concerns*

*•           Responsive Web design*

*•           JavaScript closures*

*•           Web accessibility (WAI/ARIA)*

*•           Front-end developer tools, especially JavaScript debuggers*

*•           Optimization techniques for front-end performance*

*•           JSON and Ajax for RESTful Web services*

*•           Single-Page Apps or flows*

*•           Simulators and toolkits for Mobile Web App development (Xcode
tools, Android SDK, DeviceEverywhere, etc.)*

*•           Understanding of the differences, strengths, and weaknesses of
the different browsers and platforms*

*•           Code/content separation and resource bundles*

*•           Internationalization/localization*

*•           Unix shell scripting and command-line interface*

*Mayank Sehgal*
*IDC Technologies, Inc.*
Phone: 408-457-9399 Ext 2054, YIM-mayank.usstaffing
Email: mayank.seh...@idctechnologies.com

IDC Technologies, Inc 1851 McCarthy Boulevard, Suite 116,Milpitas, CA, USA,

Website: www.idctechnologies.com . ISO 9001-2008 Certified.

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