This is Tom from Spar Information systems.

I got your information from job portals. and I am contacting you as we have
an opening for the following position. Below are the full job details and I
would like to discuss this position with you. Please let me know your best
contact number with a time to reach you. If you would like to call me
please call me on my desk phone: 201 528 5326 . Also please send me a copy
of your resume in word format.

*Title       : Big Data Consultant with Solr *

*Location: Atlanta, GA*

*Duration: 12+ Months*

*Looking for Senior Resource 10+ Years Profile only *


Big Data Engineer who has a solid background and specializes in analyzing
and searching extremely large amount of Data.

The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of how to build and
scale Big Data applications that work with highly unstructured data and
have recent experience with technologies such as :

1.      Solr and Solr Cloud

2.      LUCENE

3.      Elastic Search

4.      NoSQL databases

5.      Hadoop stack ( MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, Pig, Oozie,  YARN, Security,

Skills and knowledge required:

•         Implement complete Big Data solutions, including data
acquisition, storage, transformation, and analysis

•         Deep understanding of Solr Cloud, sharding, replication for a
fault tolerant and a scalable search solution.

•         Experience in implementing Solr indexes, Collections, shards, and
refined searches across semi-structured data sets to include infinite

•         Ability to build SOLR queries for various search requirements
with knowledge on Facet searches, Boost queries, using Filter Queries

•         Experience in securing  a Solr cluster

•         Experience in implementing HA and fault tolerant search solution
using Solr

•         Knowledge and deep understanding on enterprise wide search
implementation catering to different applications.

•         Defining SOLR index schemas for various data elements and
configuring the same for various priorities

•         Solr API programming experience for

•         Experience in implementing, configuring and building NoSQL
databases such as Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, etc.

•         Experience in Hadoop Yarn based development such as Tez

•         Strong Linux system admin and scripting skills

•         Security implementation with AD, Kerberos and Open LDAP

•         Knowledge of programming in Java

Thanks & Regards

Tom Martin

Spar Information systems

Desk: 201 528 5326
Email: tmar...@sparinfosys.com


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