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*Sr. Quality Engineer – Automation*


*Location: Boston, MA*


•    Independently test new software applications and modifications to
ensure that software operates as intended.

•    Obtain and analyze system requirements to develop an understanding of
the business needs and functionalities of the new application.

•    Write test plans when needed.

•    Develop and run test scripts to uncover program defects.  Confirm
defect fixes applied correct the defects identified and don't introduce new

•    Perform manual test execution as needed to meet the needs of the
product release

•    Troubleshoot issues with automation scripts.

•    Implement fixes for automation tools, frameworks or script related

•    Perform log/system analysis to identify application issues.

•    Implement and monitor daily testing of builds to monitor application
code changes and automation breakage.

•    Update/maintain test scripts to account for changes in application.

•    Adhere to coding standards; communicate coding standards to others in
the group. Perform code reviews of other’s work and provide meaningful

•    Document work performed and track progress of project.

•    Report on individual or team testing progress.

•    Demonstrate the functional aspects of the software to other
individuals or groups.

•    Mentor junior team members.

•    Address technical and non-technical issues escalated by junior team

•    Contribute to technical and non-technical aspects of test strategies
and team best practices.

•    Communicate information clearly, concisely, and professionally.

•    Listen actively, reflect and summarizes others' comments to ensure

•    Prepare and deliver coherent, highly credible, and engaging
presentations that have impact.

•    Proactively share timely updates and information with relevant parties.

•    Tailor communication style and content to the audience.

•    Write technical concepts and information clearly and thoroughly for
technical and non-technical audiences.

•    Analyze challenges, problems, and process breakdowns to ensure that
lessons are learned and improvements are made.

•    Focus efforts on continuously improving the processes and practices
that create the most value.

•    Optimize and integrate processes and operations to ensure high quality
and service.

•    Use appropriate metrics and data to monitor and improve processes and



•    Typically requires a minimum of 10 -12 years of related experience
with a Bachelor’s degree; or 3 years and a relevant Master’s degree; or
equivalent work experience.

•    Detailed knowledge and experience with Quality and Systems Development

•    Working knowledge of issue/defect tracking tools such as Jira, Test
Director etc.

•    Highly analytical, pro‐active and detail oriented

•    Must be a self‐starter and be able to operate independently within a
team members situated globally.

•    Excellent communication skills and experience working in a multi‐site
environment with on shore and off shore team

•    Experience with:

•    Quality testing procedures and methodologies

•    Testing of web based applications

•    Functions of operating systems and browsers

•    Policies and procedures related to product development

•    Manual test scripts

*Mandatory Skills:*

1. We need a strong Automation and Core Java experienced resource

2. Strong Core Java experience. UI will be rendered using the latest HTML &
java scripting technologies like “html 5, angular js, bootstrap etc”. So we
need to ask questions around the UI rendered by such JS frameworks and the
challenge we face during automation of such UI using Selenium tool.

We should continue to focus on core java only:

Basic OOPS concepts

Usage of String, StringBuuilder

Collections: A must. When to use which collection, iteration through a
Hasmap etc.,

A simple coding example of sorting list of “user defined” objects using a

3. Good  experience automation tool like Selenium is mandatory. Experience
in RFT along with Selenium will be great(Not mandatory).

4. SQL

5. JUnit (In intralinks GUI is in Junit format)

6. Eclipse, Ant or Maven

*Thanks & Warm Regards,*


*United Software Group Inc.*

*  565 Metro Place S. Suite # 110*

*Dublin, OH 43017 *

*Phone: **614 588 8476*

*Fax: 1-866-764-1148*

*amit...@usgrpinc.com* <maneesh...@usgrpinc.com>

*www.usgrpinc.com* <http://www.usgrpinc.com/>

*Gtalk: bajpai.recruiter | YIM: amitbajpai000 | Skype: amitbajpai_USG*

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