*If the candidate is good, we can bare his expenses to the In person

*"Web Services" is the key for these roles.*

I have attached 3 JDs for Starbucks .NET

I also attached the resume for my most recent hire, Hab Tameru.

They need to be super comfortable with Web services (creating, not just

WCF, SOAP and REST are key words.

Also SQL Server and C# of course.

If they have WebAPI that is stellar.

*Interview Prep:*

--WCF Services
--Building RESTful services
--How would you create a wcf that can... external partners?
--How service both XML and JSON via WCF services?
--how serialization works in WCF
--whether the serialized data maintains order when it gets serialized
--How to/best practice for building RESTful URL
--http status codes
--http verb

--security protocols for websites

--what’s the difference between an interface and an abstract class?

--What codes get returned if you do a post against a web service

   - if successful, what would you return?
   - what if resource couldn't be found?

--What kind of data have you returned with web services? XML, JSON.

--SQL Injection
--What design patterns have you used?
--What are the advantages of SOA?

--Do you have experience with unit testing? (Starbucks requires 80% code

--MVC Questions à “What are all the components of a route object.?”

--“How do you map a URL to a proper controller option?”

--What are dependency injection benefits apart from mocking/unit testing
and how do you use it in projects?

--What design patterns have you used and in what way? What are the benefits
you got from using those patterns?

--How do you do multi-threading in .Net? Tell me the C# langues support as
well as framework support for Parallel programming? How did you use them in

--If there are a billion images centrally located and 100 PCs, how do you
find the number of images with a given color with the shortest period of
time using those machines for processing simultaneously if you have a
library that gives you a given images color in a second?

Manager is  mostly interested in your experience using those things as
oppose to simply giving the description.

*Thanks & Regards*


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