Please send profiles to *na...@psitcorp.com <na...@psitcorp.com> - 214 295

*Role : Performance Tester*

*Location : Menomonee Falls, WI*

*Duration : 6 + Months*

*Experience Needed: 5+*

*Description :*

1. Deep Dive Analysis - Heap Dump, Thread Dump

2. Tuning Exercises - JVM Tuning, Query tuning

3. Design Validations

4. Work closely with TSA(s) and Developers during Test execution phase to
resolve any performance bottlenecks.

5 Analyze results from dynamic profiling and static profiling. Provide

6. Validate distribution of processing across servers and recommend a
solution to any performance bottleneck.

7. Validate communication between servers and recommend a solution to
remove/mitigate any performance bottlenecks

8. Validate tier configuration and provide recommendation(s) if a better
alternative is required.

9. Evaluate and ensure appropriate distributed architectures and
communication mechanisms.

10. Identify components that interact frequently within the same boundary
or as close to each other as possible.

11. Ensure that the deployment architecture does not prevent the system
from scaling up.

12. Ensure that the deployment architecture does not prevent the system
from scaling out and it uses logical layers, and supports load balancing.

13. Evaluate and recommend appropriate heap size

14. Evaluate and identify network bandwidth restrictions.

15. Determine the impact of Secure communications

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