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Title                 : Front End Web Designer

Duration          : 6months (can be extended)
Rate                 : $38 / hr corp to corp

Location          :  San Antonio, TX

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·         candidates should have JavaScript and as many of the following
skills as possible):

*Responsibilities** *

·         Provide feedback to designers and demonstrate an appreciation of
good visual design skills.

·         Ability to create and implement intuitive user experiences.

·         Ability to define the design and layout of compositions including
static content and templates.

·         Write clean, standards compliant semantic markup.

·          Demonstrate an understanding of the need to adhere to and enforce
web standards.

·          Write production ready JavaScript following enterprise coding

·          Write production ready CSS following enterprise coding standards.

·          Debug browser-specific defects, and provide solutions.

·         Communicate with back end engineers to integrate presentation and
application tiers.

*Demonstrate strong knowledge of the following technologies*
·        HTML, HTML5
·        JavaScript
·        JSON
·        DOM Scripting
·        Web page layout design using CSS 2/CSS 3
·        CSS Frameworks
·        Web standards
·        Cross platform/browser compatibility
·        HTTP
·        MVC application framework such as JSP, ASP.Net, Ruby on Rails or
·        JavaScript Library APIs (YUI, Dojo, JQuery)
·        Ajax
·        Adobe Flash
·        Adobe Photoshop

   *Demonstrate strong knowledge of best practices in the following areas*

·         JavaScript

·          CSS and CSS Frameworks

·          Progressive Enhancement

·         basic content should be accessible to all browsers

·         basic functionality should be accessible to all browsers

·         sparse, semantic markup contains all content

·         enhanced layout is provided by externally linked CSS

·         enhanced behavior is provided by unobtrusive, externally linked

·         end user browser preferences are respected
·        Unobtrusive JavaScript
·        Accessibility (knowledge of Section 508 technical standards and Web
Content Accessibility   Guidelines)
·        Client side Security (XSS,CSRF/XSRF,HTTP header injection,SQL
·        Static file optimization (CSS spriting, JS minification, etc)
·        Site optimization (CDNs, HTTP compression, optimal page structure
(JS and CSS))
·        Content/markup hierarchies (Semantic HTML; microformats)
·        Technical Search Engine Optimization
·        User Experience
·        Information Architectures



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