Profile: Sharepoint Tech Lead

Location: Marysville - Ohio


*Required Skills:*

C# Programming

Should be aware of the following Concepts in C - Designing medium
complexityapplications, Server/mid-tier applications - Understand concepts
and bestpractices in designing for Performance; Application tuning and
performance -Remoting Overview, NET Remoting , Architecture, Making Objects
Remotable,Object Activation and Lifetimes, Channels, Configuration,
Versioning, Security,Asynchronous Remoting, CallContexts and Direct
Remoting, .NET RemotingArchitectural Assessment - Threading and Object
Synchronization - ObjectPooling concepts, DB Pooling - Asynchronous
programming - Interoperability;importing COM components; Managed Code v/s
Unmanaged Code; Marshalling concepts- Exporting .NET components -
Reflection - Internationalization advancedconcepts and Deployment - Windows
Service: Design, Create and Deploy Windowsservice - Using Performance
counters - ADO.NET:

 Code AccessSecurity (Advanced) 3rd party components like Grid controls,
infragisticscontrols, ComponentOne Knowledge of commonly used OpenSource
components,popular frameworks like Spring.NET, nHibernate.NET Should have
knowledge of DLLHell versioning issue, Interops, Vertical and Horizontal
Migration strategyAdvanced .NET Framework 3.5 (advanced) Advanced
WF(Workflow) andCF(communication foundation) technologies Windows Cardspace
fundamentalsEnterprise Library Advanced LINQ

*Essential Skill(s)*

Active Directory Federation Services

*Additional Skill(s)*

Office 365 - Exchange Online

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