*Hi Friends,*

*Hope you are doing great.*

*We have very urgent opening for the following positions and can setup
interview immediately.  If you have any suitable profile please send the
resume in word format to * *ryan.fran...@itbtalent.com
*, you can also reach me at 609-423-4877. *

*Job Title : Python DeveloperLocation : Austin, TXDuration : 12+Months
Contract Job Description:-*Languages: One of the major ones (like python,
ruby, perl, + java, even though that's not a scripting language), not unix
shell scripts (which work with tends to be in only a few lines). Python is
preferred, since that's what we're using, but other scripting languages are
fine as long as they're willing to quickly get up to speed with Python.
Ideally I'd like to find someone with strength and knowledge here, along
with having done something with significant size. (Side note: Don is good
enough to pass here, but I don't believe that he could be considered a
strong candidate for this.)
Server / Cloud distributed development and / or some kind of experience
with message queues: Anyone strong with this is about certainly got a full
time job somewhere. I'm pretty much just looking for if they've got any
kind of experience here at all.
Operations experience: We're making and supporting an environment for
operations people (the people that fix the problems when there's an issue
with a server). This is NOT as important as several of these other items
are, since we're making environments for operations people and not doing
operations work ourselves. However the more the individual knows, the
better they'll be able to do the job. Self taught Linux skills can pass
System monitoring tools:  Examples are: Nagios, Icinga, Shinken, Data Dog,
New Relic, Kibana, Graphite, Collectd, Statsd (way, way, way, too many to
list them all). This is the major thing that we do. That said, for someone
strong in a language that knows a little distributed development, we'll
train them in this area even if they've never done anything here before.
Orchestration tools: Examples are chef, puppet, salt, ansible. We use chef.
Experience here is hard to find, so it's a plus if they've got it.
*Note: Please reply me on my official E-Mail ID : **ryan.fran...@itbtalent.com

*Ryan Francis *| *Senior IT Recruiter*
*ITBrainiac Inc*
D: 609-423-4877
Email: ryan.fran...@itbtalent.com

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