*Kindly let me know if you are comfortable on below position.*

*Position: Storage Foundation/Foundation Suite Engineer*

*Location: NY or Dallas*

*Duration: 12 months*

*Special Instructions:* Storage Foundation used to be called Storage Suite.
We are looking for someone who can do storage foundation implementations on
Unix. The key is finding someone who has actually done the implementations,
not just been on a team using storage foundation. From the manager: Ken
prefers for the person to have strong Storage Foundation with DRA but a
very strong Storage Foundation person (Unix environment) would work as long
as they understood what DRA was and willing to learn it.”

*Storage Foundation*

The Primary responsibilities of the Resident will be to assist the Customer
in the deployment of their Storage Foundation High Availability for Unix
(SF/HA) product suite. The Resident will assume a key role in providing
ongoing expertise for the Customer’s tactical and strategic related
initiatives.  Additionally, the Resident will:

Provide operational delivery model responsibilities including the following
(Best Effort Basis):

   - Assist customer with on-going SF/HA environment deployment,
   configuration, and supporting documentation following existing best
   practice guidelines.
   - Assist customer in making applications such as Microsoft SQL and
   Microsoft Exchange Highly Available.
   - Assist customer to ensure environment and software compatibility of
   SF/HA solutions to be installed, implemented, or otherwise used.
   - Assist customer in the testing and deployment of scheduled SF/HA
   product updates and patches.
   - Assist the customer with daily monitoring and management of the SF/HA
   solution implemented within the customer’s infrastructure.
   - Assisting customer in understanding best practices related to disaster
   recovery including documentation, contingency planning and DR testing.
   - When necessary, assist in issue troubleshooting and root-cause
   analysis of SF/HA solutions currently installed within the customer
   - Coordinate communications between customer’s staff and Symantec
   Customer Support to resolve complex issues, and to assist in escalating
   - Through discussions and demonstration, provide periodic informal
   knowledge transfer, as needed to designated customer employees covering
   normal operation and maintenance of the SFW/HA infrastructure.
   - Symantec will provide weekly status reports to customer outlining:
      - Program Status/Progress SF/HA activities and tasks
      - Action Items & Next Steps relative to on-going success of the SF/HA

*Operating Systems/Platforms*

   - Linux 5.0
   - Sun Solaris 9/10/11

*Memberships and Certifications*

   - VERITAS High Availability Certification if possible


   - Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or equivalent
   professional experience
   - Storage Foundation Training



978-558-4666 x 103

*may...@teknavigators.com* <may...@teknavigators.com>

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