*Hi                         *

*Please lookup the below position and if you feel comfortable ,then please
send me your updated resume*

*Position  : Cengage Software Developer*

*Location : **Boston,MA*

*Duration : 6+ Months *

*Interview: Phone Then Face To Face.*

*Technology Skills:*


   1. 2-4 years’ experience using Angular JS
   2. 2-4 years’ experience using CSS
   3. 2-4 years’ experience using XML documents / JSON
   4. 2-4 years’ experience using git
   5. 2-4 years’ experience using jenkins
   6. General understanding of continuous integration


   1. *Understanding of full stack development, node.js, express.js, MySQL,
   MongoDB, tomcat*
   2. Experience using jQuery, or other JavaScript libraries
   3. Experience using AWS for web application delivery

*Attitude / Leadership:*

   1. A good candidate has an innate interest in fixing things. The person
   should be a good communicator and willing to take ownership of resolving
   2. A good candidate exhibits architectural thinking and understands that
   good solutions may reside in interconnection with other teams, or the
   development of new systems that do not currently exist
   3. A good candidate does think of coding as just a job, but instead is
   interested in multiple development technologies and likes to explore
   alternative programming languages, operating systems, or data bases, just
   because they are interesting

*A typical work week would consist of:*

   1. Maintaining and triaging bugs in the homework rendering layer, that
   controls layout and intercommunication with the homework assessment engine
   2. JavaScript, CSS, XML development of new profiles
   3. Re-architecting the homework rendering layer to improve scalability
   and maintainability
   4. Segmenting code repositories and delivery into a more maintainable
   5. Documentation of profile development best practices
   6. Attendance and contribution to relevant stand-ups, grooming and
   sprint planning on the schedule appropriate for each delivery team


Sandeep Chauhan

Technical Recruiter

VSG Business Solutions

221, Cornwell Dr, Bear, DE 19701

Contact No.: 302-261-3207 X 103

Email: sandee...@vsgbusinesssolutions.com

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