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*Title: MQ Engineer*

*Location: Chicago IL(Must interview in person after the phone interview)**
**Duration: 6 plus Months** *

Job Description:

We have an immediate need for a full-time contractor with WMQ engineering
and architecture skills. This MQ engineer will help meet various WMQ
engineering needs, including but not limited to, building TNT’s MQ
architecture in a new data center, assisting applications with
messaging/JMS, troubleshooting of any complex MQ related issues, etc. This
assignment lasts about 4-6 months. In addition to general WMQ requirements,
this position requires following skills/experiences:

1. Design, configuration, tuning, and testing of shared MQ infrastructure
2. Deep understanding of MQ client/server architecture
3. Deep understanding of JMS messaging (preferably in WebLogic environment)
4. The MQ Publish/Subscribe broker (formally MA0C)
5. MQ Authentication using Capitalware Channel Security Exit MQAUSX
6. MQ Authorization using OAM
7. JMS Administration (use bindings files as storage for WMQ JMS Objects)
8. Monitoring of MQ (preferably using BMC Patrol)
9. Experience working in Solaris/Linux

* *

*Best Regards*

* *

*Satya Dowluri*

* *

*Sure IT Solutions Inc.***

*1801 W Queen Creek RD, Suite # 3, Chandler, AZ 85248*

*Tel: (602)-490-0074 Fax: (866) 322-0121*

Email: |

LinkedIn :

gTalk:  | YIM: satya.sureit <>


* *

*We offer genuine opportunities and try our best to provide legitimate
feedback in a timely manner. But the Clients take their own time reviewing
resumes and scheduling interviews. Hiring’s have slowed down in the recent
past and therefore please be tolerant while we go through the hoops.

Please send only those candidates who have all the must have experiences and
can provide verifiable references from last 1-2 years of projects done in
US. *

*Please respond with only your pre-existing W2/H1 employees. We reserve the
right to work directly with all others.*

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