!! Urgent Need - *Jr.Systems Engineer - Need EAD / Green Card And US
Citizens* Only !!

Position   :   Jr.Systems Engineer
Location  :    Suwanee, GA
Duration  :    1+ Year

*Max Rate :$45/hr*
*Need EAD / Green Card And US Citizens Only*

*Skills and Experience required:*

   - Must be able to communicate directly with customers to understand use
   case, design, and requirements of environment.
   - Experience installing, deploying, and supporting UNIX and Linux
   operating systems
   - Experience installing, deploying, and supporting Windows operating
   - Experience using VMware vSphere in a HA configuration
   - Familiarity with vCloud Director
   - Familiarity with fiber channel SAN storage
   - Experience with advanced technology such as Active Directory,
   Microsoft failover clustering, firewall ACL placement, switch configuration
   - Ability to write basic scripts, understand existing scripts.
   - Ability to automate repetitive tasks through scripting and
   deployment/implementation of management tools.
   - Solid understanding essential TCP/IP protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, SMTP,
   SNMP, LDAP, DNS, NTP, and understanding of wider set of protocols.
   - Firm understanding of fundamental hardware concepts: disk, memory,
   CPU, NIC, HBA, firmware, RAID, performance concepts (I/O, paging, swapping,
   system calls), iSCSI, Fiber Channel, Ethernet, firmware
   - Knowledge of fundamental concepts of distributed, complex enterprise
   deployments: networking, communication protocols, VLANs, multi-tiered
   environments, virtualization technologies, storage, hypervisors, routing,
   monitoring, storage connectivity, capacity planning, file systems, backups,
   load balancing, firewalls
   - Experience configuring virtual interfaces, multipathing, NIC teaming,
   dual homing
   - Experience configuring/deploying/supporting transparent, standardized
   systems: creation of support documentation, logical/physical diagrams,
   SOPs, Run Books, environmental build documentation coupled with QA
   - Experience provisioning EMC storage is a plus.
   - Cisco UCS experience is a plus
   - Cisco FWSM/ASA experience is a plus
   - Nexus OS experience is a plus
   - VMware vShield and/or NSX experience is a plus
   - EMC SAN storage experience a plus
   - NetBackup experience a plus

Chris Roe - Staffing Manager,
Desk No : 415-251-3968 | Email : ch...@itbtalent.com

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